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The Easy Route


By Fred Wallace


I could do the easy thing today.

I could talk about the CWOSSA Basketball tournaments in Walkerton that went yesterday and continue today.

I could get into a variety of local hockey playoff scenarios from Junior C to the WOAA.

I could fake it and give you my riveting view of the Olympic Games, of which I watched precious little.

I could do any number of sports items and totally ignore the plight of the Owen Sound Attack.

But truthfully, for the last 36 hours, I can't shake the Attack predicament, nor their performance at Erie on Wednesday night.

To recap, on January 23rd, the Attack were 6th in the Western Conference, deservedly on the upswing with a shot at 5th and an outside shot at 4th, almost where they were projected to be this season.

Just over 30 days later, Owen Sound could be bypassed by the Guelph Storm tonight and find themselves on the outside of the playoff picture looking in.

I understand fully that injuries are a factor here.

But the wounds to Hishon, J. Wilson, McGee, Crombeen, and even Blacker off and on, aren't the only factors here, and everyone can see that clearly.

Counting tomorrow's home game against Peterborough, the Attack have 6 games left in which to rally and salvage anything from this season gone south.

Or they can continue to watch Guelph and the hockey community pass them by in rapid fashion.

Put simply, Owen Sound has to be better; better in every regard, on the ice and off the ice, otherwise the conclusion of this season will eradicate every positive step over the last 3 years.

I'm Fred Wallace

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