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Bluewater Hockey Championships


By Fred Wallace

The Bluewater Hockey Championships are set for Tuesday at the Harry Lumley-Bayshore Community Center.

This is the 2nd consecutive year the Bluewater Athletic Association, in partnership with the Owen Sound Attack of the Ontario Hockey League, has staged their Championship Games in both Girls & Boys Hockey at the Lum.

There are many benefits to having the BAA Championship Finals in Owen Sound.

First, the magnitude of the games, the size of the arena and the potential for growth of this event really lend themselves to, and deserve to be staged in the best hockey building in Grey & Bruce and well beyond.

Second, the profile the game is receiving from the Attack, who will also honor the participants at an upcoming home game, is a nice link between the OHL team and the Bluewater Board and Athletic Association.

Next, High School hockey has created a nice opportunity for athletes to represent their schools.

Many athletes through the years have had to make the choice between minor hockey or high school sports, because it's often difficult to do both.

Now those who chose hockey, and also play for their school team, have the opportunity to represent their school in one of the biggest events on the BAA calendar.

And finally, hockey fans in Owen Sound get the chance to see another level of championship hockey, a level in which future OHL'er Garrett Meurs, then of Kincardine District, participated in last year when the BAA Championships were at the Lumley-Bayshore.

I'm Fred Wallace

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