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Yurkiw Injures Shoulder


By Fred Wallace


Larisa Yurkiw crashed her mountain bike recently and suffered a separated shoulder in the process.

An anxious sort at the best of times, Yurkiw has been fidgeting while recovering at home in Owen Sound, but fully expects to be in New Zealand with Canada's Alpine Ski team for a 5 week training session in about a week.

As interesting as her tale about crashing the bike was, what I found truly fascinating was a portion of our discussion dealing with teamwork in an individual pursuit like alpine skiing.

Yurkiw and her Alpine Canada teammates live together, train together, do virtually everything together, moreso than most families, for the betterment of the team.

When a teammate does well, it can boost the spirits of the bunch and lead to greater achievements.

When a teammate is struggling, it's incumbent on the remainder of the teammates to pick them up.

But at the end of the day, especially with an Olympic year at Vancouver approaching, everybody wants to be a member of the Canadian Ski team, a team, which as of now, has no idea exactly how many skiers will comprise the National entry.

So you live and you train and you work and you love your teammates, all the while trying to better than the bunch of them in order to secure a berth on the Olympic Ski Team for 2010.


I'm Fred Wallace



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