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A Million From Jeff Preston Golf Classic


By Fred Wallace


Today is a special day on the calendar, at least on mine.

As much as Christmas, New Year's and the first day of summer carry significance, so too does the third week and weekend of July.

The 14th annual Jeff Preston Celebrity Golf Tournament actually started last night with a reception and fundraiser at Saugeen Golf Club and it will continue all day today with the annual golf tournament at the club.

I distinctly remember the first one in 1996, designed as a fundraiser for Muscular Dystrophy research, a disease Jeff has lived with, but seldom been bettered by.

On that Friday in 1996, $ 11,000 dollars, a HUGE total, was raised, and the next day you had one of those tingles that let you know that you'd participated in something so cool, something so great the day before.

And while there have been deviations and alterations through the years, the event and its host have remained consistent and consistently excellent.

It never ceases to amaze me how one of the tiniest people I know, can bring a rowdy banquet hall to dead silence when he delivers a pre-meal welcome speech or a post meal thank you speech.

And this year........ ?

Well, by my calculations, the tournament, combined with the advent of matching government research grants, sits at $ 960,000 raised since that first Friday in 1996.

In 2009, can this little guy's golf tournament, in an average sized tourist community & golf facility, bypass the $ 1 million dollar mark in funds raised ?

It's another reason why today is one my favorite days on the calendar each and every year.

See you at Saugeen tonight.

I'm Fred Wallace



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