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UFC Highlights Weekend


By Fred Wallace

I know it's a busy weekend with the Gretzky Classic at Thornbury, the Junior B Lacrosse Playoffs resuming at Elora tonight, the Selects hosting Wyevale & Midland, Michigan plus the usual assortment of auto racing and harness racing on the go.

Truthfully, I'm most interested in UFC 100.

First, from a milestone standpoint, this corporation of Mixed Martial Arts has evolved from the fringes into a staple that shows no sign of slowing down in the short term or the long term.

Second, I'm also intrigued by the major matchups.

The main event is the Heavyweight rematch between Brock Lesnar & Frank Mir for the undisputed championship.

Mir beat Lesnar in in 90 seconds in their first meeting, yet the powerful former W.W.E. performer is the heavy favorite for tomorrow's tilt against Mir.

Canadian Georges St Pierre, maybe Canada's best athlete, the UFC Welterweight Champion meets Thiago Alves for the title.

St Pierre is outstanding in this sport, Alves has a head of steam after smoking Matt Hughes in his last bout.

And most of all, I'm eager to see the result when the Ultimate Fighter Reality coaches from last season, Dan Henderson and Michael " the Count " Bisping, meet.

Thrown nationalities out the window, I'm rooting for the American Henderson only because while Bisping is a qualified and dangerous competitor, he just talks far too much.

I hope you enjoy your weekend results, sportswise & otherwise.

I'm Fred Wallace


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