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International Fastball In Owen Sound


By Fred Wallace


The second annual Ford-Wayne Gretzky Golf Tournament begins officially today.

There are a series of clinics and practice rounds and meet & greets at the Celebrity-Pro affair that's based at two exceptional courses; the Raven@Lora Bay & at the Georgian Bay Club.

The real deal begins Thursday, so we'll talk more about that as it approaches.

Today, I want to make a quick posting about a big week in fastball circles at Duncan McLellan Park in Owen Sound.

The Verge Senior Selects will be hosting 4 different opponents during the week, only one of whom is from Canada.

Tomorrow night, the Verge Selects go against Australia in a doubleheader.

Two nights later on Thursday night, the National team from New Zealand is booked in a for a twin spin at Duncan.

Then on the weekend, the Selects will play an ISC pair with the Wyevale Tribe and combine that with some exhibition action against the Explorers club from Midland, Michigan.

The Selects program has three teams on the go this year, two of which, the Brick Brothers Volkswagen Midgets and the Volkswagen Juniors have both qualified for the National Championship.

Do the Verge Senior Selects have the stuff to get to their National Championship ?

You'll get a solid indication Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday.

I'm Fred Wallace

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