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OHL Crackdown


By Fred Wallace


Did you laugh as hard as I did when you heard the Ontario Hockey League was going to take measures to crackdown on illegal activities like under-the-table payments and draft manipulation ?

Broke me up.

I remember the first OHL Draft I ever went to, the North York Centennial Arena, May of 1989, Owen Sound didn't even have a team, I was just there to see if some of the Greys were selected.

The Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds selected Eric Lindros first overall that day and all hell broke loose.

And it's been breaking loose all year, every year, pick a year.

Pick a player, pick a team.

I doubt there's anyone or any time completely innocent among the OHL pirates.

 Think not ?

Well in puritanical Owen Sound, how do we explain that we got Steven Shipley & Erie didn't; or that Curtis Crombeen was selected here and not by Barrie ?

And trust me, if Owen Sound is guilty of peddling or receiving political favour, than what of the deals, real or alleged, pertaining to Chris Gratton, Chris Pronger, Gary Roach, Danny Fritsche, Jeff Ware, David Legwand, Richard Rochefort, Peter Tsimikalis, Jeff Ward, Jon Zion, Evan McGrath, Ryan Parent, Matt Duchene and most recently Scott Harrington and on & on & on........

But now, 20 years after Owen Sound became an OHL center, the league has announced they're going to crack down on underhanded recruiting tactics.

Crackdown ? Cracks me up !

I'm Fred Wallace



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