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Mid Year Review


By Fred Wallace


Once upon a time here at the station, there was one of those day by day calendars, and every day on this particular calendar, there was a cynical comment to mark the day.

The calendar was called the " Wake Up & Smell the Coffee Calendar ".

For whatever reason I've always remembered the caption for June 30th.

It said, " It's June 30th. The Year is half over. Admit it; you've done NOTHING. "

Every June 30th, I think of that remark and I laugh.

We always have great plans, don't we ? Most of which never come to fruition.

However, this year, I didn't have to think very hard about things that were accomplished, not from a personal standpoint, but rather from the community perspective.

For all of this year, we've been keeping tabs on Ian Hyland who was seriously injured in a snowboard accident in December.

Last week, Diana Meder did a story to update Ian's progress which has been staggering.

It was thought at one point that Ian would be in hospital at Toronto potentially until Christmas of 2010.

In the recent update, it was confirmed that Ian is expected to be home in Owen Sound this summer, and attending West Hill in the fall.


I've heard Ian is stubborn and that he's been motivated through the recovery process, but I wonder today, at the midway point of 2009, if this rapid progression wasn't boosted in part by community support.

Ian Hyland's classmates & schoolmates at Hillcrest Elementary in Owen Sound, with a little help here and there, raised $ 16,000 for a wheelchair.

Overall, almost $ 60,000 has been raised through various ventures in the community at large.

And it ranks among the best stories of the first half of the year and proves that in Owen Sound & area, people get things done long before the midway point of the year.

Happy Canada Day, we'll see you in the second half of 2009.

I'm Fred Wallace


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