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OLA Junior B Playoffs


By Fred Wallace


Short but eventful, that's the story year after year in Junior B lacrosse.

In a regular season that spans less than 2 months, 26 teams split East & West play a 20 games schedule.

Lacrosse is just about the most physically demanding sport there is and playing that much that quickly takes its toll.

Ten teams are now officially done, failing to qualify for the playoffs, 16 remain, again split between East & West.

In the West, the list of survivors include the Owen Sound ProTeam NorthStars who squeaked into the post season with a .500 record that included an 8 & 2 mark at the Harry Lumley-Bayshore.

The NorthStars numbers tell you a lot, mostly to me, how tough the Western Conference is.

Owen Sound hits the playoffs, barely, yet among the 7 other Western playoff qualifiers, the NorthStars have scored a victory over 5 of those teams which gives me the impression they are capable not only of scoring an upset in the first round against Windsor but also of making this a long run in a short season.

The best of 5 between the NorthStars and the Fratmen starts Saturday at Windsor.

Game 2 is Sunday night at 7 at the Harry Lumley-Bayshore.

The season is short, but I believe the NorthStars are capable of extending their year.

I'm Fred Wallace


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