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FIS Ski Cross @ Collingwood


By Fred Wallace

It's mid June, but last week the Town of Collingwood had a major winter announcement.

The World Cup Group based out of the town, successfully lobbied the Federation of International Skiing to stage a World Cup Ski Cross event next January.

And not just any event, but this particular competition will be the final Ski Cross race prior to the 2010 Olympic Games at Vancouver.

Organizers anticipate as many as 50 Olympians will be at Blue Mountain on January 26th through the 28th next year competing in the discipline, which essentially matches 4 skiers in a head to head race down a designed course on Blue Mountain.

The Organizing Committee also has grand plans to integrate the competitors into the town and the Collingwood region through meet & greets and school visits.

It's an ambitious endeavour that will cost a lot of money to conduct, but Mark Kristofic of the World Cup Group believes landing the event and satisfying the criteria on the slope were the largest obstacles and those areas have already been achieved.

Next up is sponsorship, and based on the initial reaction to their announcement, the World Cup Group at Collingwood is quite confident the funding will be well in place long before January and the FIS World Cup Ski Cross at Blue Mountain.

I'm Fred Wallace

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