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A Brainwave For The Rec Complex


By Fred Wallace


I get brainstorms.

Usually they're ridiculous.

But every once & awhile, I think I've got a beauty, like this one for the Family Y and the progression of the Rec Complex for the city of Owen Sound.

Of course, maybe I'm late and this idea is already out there, but here's the thought.....

As I understand it, the new Rec Complex will feature a pool, a track, meeting rooms, a day care center, and ice surfaces.

And obviously, this is going to cost significant money, regardless of how much the overall cost is defrayed by the announcement of government funding on Monday.

So the brainstorm I have is to offer naming rights for each aspect of the facility.

For example, the pool, along with the male & female locker rooms that are attached to it, could be named in honor of 3 different people or 3 different groups, people who may have an affinity to swimming, or recreation, or the community in general.

Establish a price for the pool name, ala the Harry Lumley-Bayshore or J.D. McArthur Arena, and see if there isn't an individual, a family, a corporation, or a club who would be willing to foot the bill.

Then, at a lesser price, sell the name on the change rooms.

Furthermore, this project could have a nice historical overtone, if, with each room named in honor of someone, there was a commemorative photo or sign similar to the Sports Hall of Fame, or the ones that dot the city that tell the story of the individual, family, business or group who paid the freight.

Multiply the asking price by a pool, 2 change rooms, several meeting rooms, two arenas plus the dressing rooms, maybe as many as a dozen of them, and you'd be able to raise..................?

I don't know the potential financing that could be garenered, but it's a rare Fred Wallace idea with merit that might aid funding for the Owen Sound Rec Complex

I'm Fred Wallace

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