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20 Years of OHL Hockey in Owen Sound


By Fred Wallace

There was much ado last week in Toronto about the SkyDome, call it Rogers Center, turning 20 years of age.

I remember being at the first baseball game at the SkyDome in June of 1989, watching Paul Molitor get the first hit ever in a baseball game.

In the Pressbox that night I had a great chat with Paul Osborne, who at the time was the Sports Director at CJOY Radio in Guelph.

The sole topic of our conversation that night was whether the Guelph Platers of the OHL would stay in Guelph, or move to Owen Sound as rumoured.

Only days later, the Platers made the move to Owen Sound, and it struck me that not a word has been said about the 20 years of OHL hockey & history in Owen Sound.

So, because I know he's always available and agreeable to be interviewed, I called Joe Holody the Plater owner and as always, it was fun and delightful.

Joe Holody talked about the taxation laws that put a strain on the financial operation of the Guelph Hockey Club.

Joe vividly recalls the nasty negotiations with then council members in Guelph.

He clearly remembers making the decision to move the team out of his hometown, which was no easy departure from his hometown for a loyal guy like Joe.

And I wondered, since we've enjoyed and hopefully always enjoy this brand of hockey in our city region, certainly long after Joe sold the franchise at the turn of the century, if anyone ever said " thank you " to Joe Holody.


Truthfully, I don't think we can ever thank Joe enough for what he did in 1989.

I'm Fred Wallace


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