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Bluewater Athletic " Thank You "


By Fred Wallace


And so we hit a finish line, one of many finish lines on the calendar each year.

In this case, it is the Bluewater Athletic Association season that came to a close with the conclusion of the OFSAA Rugby Championships and the OFSAA Track & Field Championships.

It starts each year with a hive of activity in the Fall; a real scramble to get off the mark and establish teams, set a schedule, coordinate travel, play the games, determine the champions, and then determine your reps for CWOSSA and beyond.

It's a lot of work, no question, but then multiply that all too brief synopsis above by Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Cross Country, Alpine Skiing, Nordic Skiing, Hockey, Badminton, Gymnastics, Mountain Biking, Track & Field, Rugby & then Soccer again.

Then, multiply that work again by 2, one for boys and one for Girls.

Finally, multiply again by two, if not 3, for Senior, for Junior & for Midget.

The point is, the Bluewater Athletic Association, primarily comprised of the Board's teachers, although there is from time to time community support, go to elaborate lengths to create an outlet for so many valuable experiences for their students and respective schools and communities.

Does anyone ever thank those teachers and the people who assist from the community ?

Today would be a great day to say " thanks ".

I'm Fred Wallace


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