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Scott Stajcer Is A Busy Young Man


By Fred Wallace


There was a somewhat amusing moment this week when I called Scott Stajcer's cell phone.

I wanted to ask him about the NHL Scouting Combine, the Attack awards which come up tomorrow at the Harry Lumley-Bayshore Community Center, the Hockey Canada Goaltending Camp he's heading to next week at Calgary and the NHL Entry Draft which comes up late in the month at Montreal.

I waited til 10 am, thinking like most teenagers, he might be a late sleeper, and it turns out the call disrupted his high school class in Cambridge.

It never dawned on me that soon to be 18 year old Scott Stajcer would be in class like most kids his age.

I only know Scott as an accomplished netminder, but it's apparent he comes from a family in which academic pursuits are a must.

On the other issues, he says the NHL Combine was interesting, meshing fitness testing with more than a dozen interviews with NHL teams.

Furthermore, he's not bothered by a dip in the final rankings by Central Scouting that saw him go from # 2 to # 5 among North American Draft eligible goalies.

The way it's been explained to him is that the CSB rankings are simply one version of a rating system and each NHL club has their own system, therefore, some teams will have him rated higher, others lower.

Overall, that's quite a monthly schedule for a teenage netminder to handle with stops this month in Toronto, in Calgary, in Montreal, in Owen Sound and in his high school class at Cambridge.

I'm Fred Wallace

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