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The Worst Call Ever


By Fred Wallace

Coach Joel Quenneville of the Chicago Blackhawks was livid last week about a penalty call against Matt Walker that led to a Red Wing power play goal in their playoff series.

Quenneville called it " the worst call in the history of sports ".

Sorry, Joel, not even close.

We take you back to Friday December 12th, 2008 at the Dom Cardillo Arena in Kitchener.

The Rangers and the Attack involved in a crucial game for both clubs at the midway point of the season.

Owen Sound is clinging to a 5-4 lead in the last minute of play.

With the Rangers pressing to tie & the puck swirling around the Owen Sound goal, the officials detect a foul committed by Owen Sound's David Kolomatis.

I didn't see it, but the officials did, and here's where it blows Joel Quenneville out of the water.

The Rangers had possession of the puck on the delayed penalty, and Scott Timmins passed it from the corner back to the point.

However, there was no Ranger at the point and the puck skidded towards the Kitchener end......and the ref blew it dead.

Why ?

Owen Sound hadn't touched the puck, therefore the delay should have still been in effect until Owen Sound touched it, or until the Rangers scored.

Maybe Kitchener got their extra attacker on the ice before the goalie was pulled, but in that case, the faceoff should have been in the neutral zone.

It wasn't.

Regardless of the above scenarios, the officiating crew, refusing to admit any error in either case,  placed the key faceoff in the Owen Sound end.

And as the normally calm Mark Reeds went bananas, the official in the neutral zone simply waved him off as if his protests were inconsequential.

At best, this was incompetence.

At worst, it smacked of favouritism, although I'm likely stretching on that one in a big way..

Owen Sound would hang on to win, but that's not the issue.

Who the officials were have been forgotten, but what remains is the worst call and sequence of calls ever, and with apologies to Joel Quenneville and the Hawks, you're not even close.

I'm Fred Wallace




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