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Spitfires Still Alive


By Fred Wallace

The Windsor Spitfires are alive, representing the Ontario Hockey League tonight at the Memorial Cup in the tiebreaker game against the host Rimouski Oceanic, which is a stunning surprise to some, and a relief to many others.

Count me among the people surprised that the Spitfires have been painted, or painted themselves, into this corner.

Having seen Windsor live 7 times this year plus multiple times on the tube, this team is every bit as good as most recent OHL Champions, plus I think it's fair to say, they're far more menacing than most champions.

But the Spitfires lost their first two games of this tournament and had to scramble to nip Kelowna Tuesday night simply to stay alive, which illustrates how difficult it is to win this title.

Two losses by 1 goal & Windsor was on the brink of elimination.

Two wins by Kelowna and the Rockets were in the Championship Final.

That's not a huge margin of difference, yet Windsor plays to stay alive again tonight, while Kelowna watches and waits for the next game, Sunday in the Championship Final.

It's a tall order for Windsor to beat tournament history and rally after dropping their first two games, but with 1 win under their belt, I'm not willing to bet against Windsor tonight, or if they manage to stay alive, over the remainder of the week and weekend.

I'm Fred Wallace



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