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Bluewater Track & Field Meet


By Fred Wallace

Today is the first of two days of the annual Bluewater Track & Field Championship at Kincardine.

The Davidson Center Complex has held the annual meet for years and as far as I'm concerned, it's the most significant event of the high school sporting calendar.

With no offence to any of the team sports, nor to individual pursuits, I believe track & field provides the ultimate combination of individual excellence within the framework of a team.

There's plenty of ways to score a victory in track & field that cannot be attained in most other sports.

Yes, you could win an event and take the gold ribbon on an individual or relay team basis.

Or, you could be part of a winning school overall, or within an age division.

Or, again from an individual basis, even if you don't win, the goal of running your fastest, throwing your farthest and jumping your highest or longest all provide meaningful individual motivation, the kind of motivation that often gets lost once you graduate from secondary school and begin a life in the " real " world.

So today, & again tomorrow, at Kincardine, there will be many opportunities to garner many victories for the track & field performers in the Bluewater Athletic Association.

I'm Fred Wallace

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