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Dave Hanson " Slap Shot Original "


By Fred Wallace

The other book I read when I was away on vacation recently was by Dave Hanson called " Slap Shot Original- The Man, The Foil, The Legend ".

As you can imagine, it's a very funny book, penned by one of the three pro hockey players who starred in the Hanson Brother goon role in the movie, " Slap Shot ".

In fact, he's the lone " Hanson " in the role, the other two " brothers " are actually the Carlsons, Jack & Steve.

And that's the endearing quality of this book.

Between his real life days in the minors, primarily at Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and the shooting of the movie, there's so many colorful episodes that you understand that the movie, while an exaggeration, wasn't that far fetched.

Furthermore, some of the behind the scenes detail is fascinating, and funny.

For example, the scene in which the Hanson Brothers go into the crowd at Syracuse to get at the guy who threw the key chain was filmed in Syracuse.

And the fans in the scenes were in fact real fans of the Syracuse Blazers who in reality had a deep hatred for Hanson and the Carslons.

And as such, the fighting was a little more real in that scene than in most movies.

Finally, as amusing and entertaining as " Slap Shot Original " was, it was also an amazingly honest book, sandwiching the movie between the grind of what a minor pro hockey lifestyle was like, and may still be like, in North America.

Dave Hanson, " Slap Shot Original "

I'm Fred Wallace


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