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Weed Tilson


By Fred Wallace

In my high school days, there was a cat in my grade named Reid Tilson.

Reid's nickname was " Weed " Tilson. Guess why.

I'm pretty convinced that old " Weed " Tilson now works in the upper levels of the National Hockey League, because only a stoner could put on a show like the one we're seeing now pertaining to the Phoenix franchise.

Everyone from Flesherton to Flagstaff knows the Arizona franchise is a losing proposition and have been virtually since the moment they left Winnipeg.

Financially, they're bleeding to death, blowing cash like Weed once blew the Peruvian Marching powder.

Into the Phoenix fiasco comes Canadian Jim Balsillie, the Blackberry mogul, with more cash than the entire listening audience combined.

Not only is Balsillie prepared to purchase the Coyotes, but he's going to overpay for them and. reportedly, make sure the Coyotes many creditors are paid in full.

Sounds like good business for everyone concerned.

But the NHL, dope inspired or otherwise, enters the fray in rapid fashion and claims Jerry Moyes, whose wallet has been ravaged by owning the Coyotes, might not have the authority to file for bankruptcy.

And furthermore, the NHL believes Phoenix remains a viable NHL location....................

In 1976, " Weed " Tilson broke into a bakery and tried to eat their plastic birthday cake display.

Suddenly, in light of the NHL's routine this week, that act of stupidity does seem so bizarre.

I'm Fred Wallace

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