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OHL Priority Selection


By Fred Wallace

The Ontario Hockey League Priority Selection was staged Saturday.

And the question today is, how much of a priority is the Priority Selection ?

In my mind, the best two teams in the OHL last year were Windsor & London from the Western Conference, both advancing to the Conference Final.

The Knights regular roster of 20 players included 9 draft picks while Windsor's starting group of 20 included 11 picks; not bad.

But look again, and look a little deeper

For London, their 9 drafted picks include 2 Americans who otherwise might not have been claimed by any other OHL organzation, plus 2 more of the 9 selected by London were drafted using picks aquired from other teams through deals.

So really, London drafted 5 of their 20 man unit.

Windsor's story isn't much different as 5 of their 11 draft picks were culled from trading partners, a payoff for a Windsor fire sale some years ago.

Twisting the numbers, the view is London's roster contains 15 players acquired beyond the draft whereas Windsor's group of 20 would have 14 players acquired via trade and draft picks from other clubs.

Therefore, the biggest stars of the best teams might be their General Managers, Mark Hunter and Warren Rychel respecyively.

So is the OHL Priority Selection, a priority for winning ?

Yes. It is.

But you'd better be able to deal, & buy, & scheme and manipulate, if you really want to win big.

I'm Fred Wallace


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