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Time to Hit the Track


By Fred Wallace


The local harness racing season begins tomorrow night at Hanover Raceway.

The preparations for the 2009 season at Hanover have been underway for months....but, as you can imagine, when you get close to Opening Night, the details come rocketing at you.

Truthfully, while the events on the track will be every bit as good as they've been for decades, the main attraction for the short term will be the alterations in the immediate area of the track.

From a town standpoint, the wrecking ball will be striking the storied Hanover Coliseum this spring and the process of building a new arena facility will be ongoing and race fans will get an up close view of the proceedings next door.

Meanwhile, the race track has their own major construction project, a new community hall at the east end of the Grandstand.

Will it be a $ 2 million dollar project ? Will it be a $ 12 million project ?

You can bet that between races, the Community Hall will be a popular topic of conversation.

And as always, the race is the thing.

Post time tomorrow night is 7:15 at Hanover Raceway and in the days to follow there are special nights, big prizes, Sire Stakes races and on August 1st, the annual Dream of Glory Final will highlight the season on the track.

Hanover Raceway for 2009. See you tomorrow.

I'm Fred Wallace


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