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Scalping Backfires


By Fred Wallace

There was an incident on the SMHLPA trip to Buffalo & Pittsburgh that I can't shake.

The trip had 30 tickets for each game, and there were 28 SMHLPA members, therefore 2 extra tickets per game.

Rob, who was a great bus driver, got one of the extras, leaving 1 ticket remaining.

So, with all our Grey County street smarts, the last remaining ticket was scalped.

There's no need to mention the person involved, but Whitey approached the neighbourhood scalper in Pittsburgh and explained he had 1 extra ticket.

The scalper, with a few hummms & hawwwws, examined the ticket, looked at the face value, and finally suggested he could give us $ 60 for it.

Okay, & a deal was struck.

The scalper took the ticket, asked Whitey to stay put for a second and then turned to get the cash, walking away.

.........................The scalper kept walking and then, when the scalper started to run, Whitey got suspicious and thought maybe something was up.

The real killer came about 30 minutes later when the SMHLPA Box at the Mellon Arena featured 28 regulars, Rob the bus driver & " Chris ", who had purchased a ticket from a scalper for $ 75.

It's kinda funny, when you consider the people involved.

And it's kinda sad, considering that a robbery took place.

But most of all, almost everyone agrees, you've got to hand it to the scalper for pulling a fast one and turning a quick $ 75 profit.

I'm Fred Wallace


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