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Yankee Years a Laugh


By Fred Wallace

One of the good laughs I got from reading " The Yankee Years " came at the end of Joe Torre's dozen year run as Manager of the New Yorkers.

Embattled on every front by George Steinbrenner's Tampa Bay voices, by the media, by his players from Alex Rodriquez to the malingering Carl Pavano and by life in general, Torre took a deep breath and prepared for the 2007 playoffs against Cleveland.

As a primer, Torre got talking with Bill Belichick, the highly successful coach of the New England Patriots Football Club about motivation.

Belichick noted that sometimes, humour was far better in athletics than the typical rah-rah approach.

Heeding those words, Torre contacted longtime Yankee fan Billy Crystal, who in turn partnered with Robin Williams and they produced a d.v.d.

Before Game 1 of the playoffs, Torre slipped the disc into the player and everyone was taken aback when the images of a hard core pornography flick started rocking & rolling.

Then Crystal narrated, ' now that I have your attention......'.

And Crystal & Williams proceeded to tell the Yankees to  ' have fun, to enjoy themselves, remember that they were healthy and vibrant, and finally, Crystal reminded them to think of those who couldn't be with you know, I mean Carl Pavano."

You've got to read the whole book maybe to get it, but it cracked me up & it cracked the Yankees up too.

I'm Fred Wallace


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