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Memories of Dan Snyder


By Fred Wallace

Last winter in a game at Guelph, Graham Snyder popped into the broadcast booth to say " hello " and to ask for our region to assist in Elmira's quest to become " Hockeyville ".

Seeing Graham naturally evoked so many strong images of his son Dan, the former Owen Sound Plater captain who died in a much publicized automobile crash in 2003.

My favorite Dan Snyder memory pertains to his whimsical side.

In the 90's, 20 years after the movie debut, Dan Snyder, Ryan Christie, Ryan Davis & the others spent their days reciting the script from the movie " Slap Shot ".

Every day, everywhere they went, " We're on the road ", " Nowhere in my contract does it say I have to make a fool of myself " and of course, " trade me "

It was endless.

One night at the Bayshore, hours before the game, I was in the pressbox and Dan was warming up by running around the upper concourse.

Whatever possessed me, I put a disc of Frank Pelico, the Chicago Stadium organist, into the c.d. player.

All at once, as " Roll Out the Barrell " was playing,  I heard this rattling on the press box steps, and Dan Snyder roared into the pressbox glaring, and just like Paul Newman in the movies, he shouted, " Don't EVER play Lady of Spain again ! "

Then he smiled with that crooked grin and departed.

Dan Snyder departed far too soon.

I'm Fred Wallace


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