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Who's Watching the OHL Playoffs in T.O.


By Fred Wallace

This is an old horse, & it's probably been beaten to death, but it's a horse that I saw first hand awhile ago and the image has stuck with me for weeks.

With the Attack eliminated from OHL playoff hockey, I got the shakes, and hitched a ride with my buddy Ray to go see game 4 of the Eastern Conference Semifinal between the Brampton Battalion and the St Mike's Majors.

The Majors were the home team for the game at the lovely Hershey Center in Mississauga.

By now, you know where I'm going with this.

It was apparent from the pre-game and confirmed by puck drop, that the crowd at the Hershey Center that night was going to be low, if not pitiful.

Granted, it was a Tuesday night, the Leafs were on the road, the Raptors and Jays were at home, but still, you'd think in a region of millions of people, 5,000 or more hockey fans could make it to the game.

Not to be. The listed crowd was 2,150 and even then.......

I really hesitate to say this because I have good friends in the Majors organization and I've always respected Brampton's efforts dating back to their days in the old Central division as rivals of the Attack, but.......

Well, if game 4 of an all Toronto OHL playoff series with Hodgson, Grachev, Duchene & McCollum playing head to head with Pelech, Gaunce & Anderson can't bring the good hockey fans of T.O. to either the Hershey Center or the Powerade Center, I'm afraid, after more than a decade, nothing ever will

I'm Fred Wallace



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