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Dr Allan Morris


By Fred Wallace

Dr Allan Morris, well known from Wiarton and beyond, passed away last week at age 74.

I think you'd really have to know Allan Morris well to know he held the position of Hockey Canada's Chairman of the Board.

That is, Allan was definitely not flashy.

In hockey there are all kinds of people, holding all kinds of positions, who are certainly not shy telling you what they know and who they know.

That depiction of hockey people, never applied to Allan Morris.

Somewhere in the 90's at the Rotary Village Fair in Wiarton, I was introduced to Dr Morris as he stood supervising the shootout contest.

By the time my hands were blistered, I came to realize, this was a very laid back man, confident enough to let you discover who he was and where he'd been and where he was going.

Our last interview was on the occasion of Hockey canada having a weekend meeting in Owen Sound and I distinctly remember discussing financial issues.

He related that Hockey Canada's budget was $ 55 million dollars, but he presented it with a calmness that made you think he was talking about $ 55, making a solid impression that hockey and Hockey canada were in very good hands.

I thInk we need more people like Dr Allan Morris in hockey.

I'm Fred Wallace


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