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Team Hawaii Returns


By Fred Wallace

The high school year is settling in for the stretch run, both in the classroom and on the various sporting surfaces.

Mountain Biking, Soccer, Rugby & my favorite, Track & Field are among the many competitions still to be contested in Bluewater through the Spring.

Among the many highlights to this point in the school year was the OSCVI Lady Falcons saying, " Aloha " to Grey County for 12 days & jetting off to Hawaii for an international competition.

As expected, especially after so much preparation and fundraising, the Lady Falcons had a tremendous experience both on and off the court.

On the court, the Lady Falcons were proud of representing the school,the city & the region to the best of their ability, and essentially beating the teams they felt they were equal to, or better than.

Furthermore, the experience also served as an eyeopener as they participated with, and in some cases, watched in awe the very best international players indoor and in beach volleyball competition.

They saw a lifestyle some would like to emulate, and now fully know how much work and development would be required to reach that elite level.

Seeing what you can and maybe can't do, in sports or in life, is often the best educational experience.

Welcome home the Lady Falcons Team Hawaii and good luck to the Bluewater athletes through April, May & June.

I'm Fred Wallace

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