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Harry Liumley-Bayshore For Sale


By Fred Wallace

The city of Owen Sound and various community partners are in the process of exploring options and avenues for a new Community Recreation Complex.

The target location for the proposed new center is at Victoria Park.

And while we certainly wish them well in this pursuit, what has gone undetected is a nefarious scheme to sell the Harry Lumley-Bayshore Community Center to interests based out of Simcoe County.

Simcoe County Asset Management ( S.C.A.M. ), with their office in the Simcoe County Capital of Newmarket, has confirmed their intention to purchase the Lum and convert it into a condo & shopping center complex.

S.C.A.M. Artist Bernie Madoff relates the shoreline setting of the Bayshore is the perfect location for their target demographic, which is aging anglers and ice-fishermen and their wives.

The anchor store for the shopping complex will be a Red Wigglers, the bait shop conglomerate who's rise in the business world dates back to their beginnings in Cincinnati.

Herb Tarlek Jr., the longtime Sales Manager at WKRP and now C.E.O. of Red Wigglers, was non-committal about the future of the playing surface & halls at the Bayshore if the purchase goes through.

Tarlek states there's plenty of places to get married in Las Vegas, and as for hockey & lacrosse, he finds them boring and believes the fishing oriented complex will make people soon forget the Attack, the Greys, the Woodsmen and the North Stars.

Happy April Fool's Day.

I'm Fred Wallace


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