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The Big News ( Conference )


By Fred Wallace


Today is a much anticipated day in the world of sports, especially for golf fans.

Tiger Woods & the big news conference is at the Masters in Augusta, Georgia.

For Woods, it's his first news conference in more than 4 months.

It's his first news conference since the big sex scandal broke in the late Fall.

Truthfully, I'm not among those who are eager to hear about the personal transgressions of the golfing great.

Do we really need a news conference to explore the depth & detail of what society perceives as a major personal failing ?

Make no mistake, I don't endorse the choices, nor the behaviour, of Woods in this case.

But again, do we have to endure the process of him standing up to a line of questioning from golf and sports journalists about the various escapades ?

I'll bet if you check the social & sexual passports of those asking the questions, you'll find many of the same type of acts, or fantasies, although maybe not as lurid.

The journalists likely don't have the financial wherewithal to make their fantasies come to life. like Tiger does.

The thing is, on any given day, any given male will either dream of, or act out, some form of deviant sexual behaviour.

Admit it, guys.

And for those who get caught in the act, there is seldom a media storm, nor the need to stage a news conference to explain it all.

And if the questions for Tiger Woods at the Masters aren't golf oriented, I really don't see the need to stage a media session.

I'm Fred Wallace

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