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A View from a Hanson


By Fred Wallace

I walked by Dave Hanson's book, " Slap Shot Original " the other day and plunked myself down and started to read it once again.

It's a good laugh, both in terms of Hanson's wanderings through Minor Pro Hockey and his never ending fame as one of the " Hanson Brothers " from the movie " Slap Shot ".

The two aspects of Hanson's professional life intersected in the mid 70's when the movie, depicting minor pro hockey in mythical Charleston, was filmed using the Johnstown Jets of the North American Hockey League & the ECHL as the basis for the material.

The movie material was a stretch, for sure, but not that much of stretch.

The passage I read yesterday centered on a game between the Jets & Beauce, Quebec whose lineup featured Gilles " Bad News " Bilodeau.

At one point, a fight between Bilodeau and Jeff Carlson swirled to the timekeeper and public address table which was rinkside and not protected by plexiglass.

Bilodeau got Carlson bent over the boards and the table, at which point, Carlson grabbed the p.a. announcer's microphone and promptly began striking Bilodeau with it.

" thump.....thump.......thump......" with each blow, echoing throughout the arena.

Dave Hanson believes it was the true creation of rap music.

" Slap Shot Original ", by Dave Hanson, just as funny, the second time you read it.

I'm Fred Wallace



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