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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Gold for Calder & Kulakowsky

Brampton | by Bayshore News Staff  

Meaford Coyote Results


The Brampton Bullets Indoor Track Meet held at York University's Indoor 200m track on Saturday, January 20th.  The Meaford Coyotes Track Club brought 13 of their grade 8-and-under members down to put their early winter training to the test.  After several weeks of harsh winter outdoor training, it was a refreshing experience to compete indoors.  Of the 13 Coyotes that competed, 6 of them had never competed on an indoor track before.  So it took some re-adjusting for them to deal with sharper turns, a rubber surface, lots of noise echos and very dry air, where it felt like their mouth was full of sand when they raced.  They responded well and proved they were up for the test.  

In addition to the new experience, many of them also competed in an age group above them to be able to participate in an event long enough for them....we are not sprinters.  So some were racing against kids 3 years older than them, which is huge when a 7 year old competes against a 10 year old.  Their goal was to race the clock and see how fast they could run, not worrying about their placing.

Outstanding performances came from several Coyotes. Madison Calder won 2 medals on the day.  She began with a bronze medal performance in the Senior Girls 1500m and then out-sprinted her competition in the Senior Girls 800m to win gold.  Freja Kulakowsky, in her first ever indoor meet, ran away from the pack in the Mite Girls 400m to claim gold.  She moved up an age group to also win a bronze medal in the Tyke Girls 800m.  Olivia Latham ran a powerful Tyke Girls 800m race to cross the line in 2nd place.  Kai Kulakowsky competed in his first indoor meet and came home with a silver medal in the Tyke Boys 800m.  Rimyelle Grady and  Liam Law were also introduced to the indoor track scene, but didn't shy away.  Rimyelle won bronze in the Tyke Girls 400m and Liam  won a silver medal in the Mite Boys 400m race.  Other Coyotes who ran exceptional races were Emmett and Nathan Leary, who both ran huge personal best performances.  

Overall it was a great day of racing and very promising for the bigger provincial races later in March.  With some solid ground to finally train on now that the snow has melted, our Coyotes will improve by leaps and bounds.  The Team will compete again on Saturday, February 10th at the Flying Angels Indoor MTA Meet held at York University.

Results: [* = personal best time]

Mite Girls 400m [2010-2011]
Freja Kulakowsky [10] - 1st/3 @ 1:24.37*

Mite Boys 400m [2010-2011]
Liam Law [11] - 2nd/4 @ 1:25.37*
Nathan Leary [11] - 4th/4 @ 1:35.95*

Tyke Girls 400m [2008-2009]
Rimyelle Grady [09] - 3rd/8 @ 1:25.46*

Tyke Boys 400m [2008-2009]
Brennan Law [09] - 8th/9 @ 1:22.98

Tyke Girls 800m [2010-2011]
Olivia Latham [08] - 2nd/6 @ 3:01.59
Freja Kulakowsky [10] - 3rd/6  @ 3:12.57*
Rimyelle Grady [09] - 5th/6 @ 3:22.19*
Taryn Weppler [09] - 6th/6 @ 3:23.38*

Tyke Boys 800m [2008-2009]
Kaj Kulakowsky [10] - 2nd/9 @ 2:51.89*
Emmett Leary [09] - 4th/9 @ 2:54.01*
Brennan Law [09] - 5th/9 @ 3:06.89  
Liam Law [11] - 6th/9 @ 3:13.21*
Nathan Leary [11] - 9th/9 @ 3:36.37*

Senior Girls 800m [2004-2005]
Madison Calder [04] - 1st/16 @ 2:27.80
Payton Dodd [05] - 5th/16 @ 2:35.27
McKenna Karn [05] - 15th/16 @ 3:04.81
Payton Weppler [05] - 16th/16 @ 3:05.36*

1500m Atom Girls [2006-2007]
Olivia Latham [08] - 9th/11 @ 7:02.97
Taryn Weppler [09] - 11th/11 @ 7:15.28*

Atom Boys 1500m [2006-2007]
Kaj Kulakowsky [08] - 5th/11 @ 5:46.56*
Emmett Leary [09] - 8th/11 @ 5:56.63*

Senior Girls [2004-2005]
Madison Calder [04] - 3rd/13 @ 5:18.15
Payton Dodd [05] - 8th/13 @ 5:48.57
Payton Weppler [05] - 12th/13 @ 6:16.83*
McKenna Karn [05] - 13th/13 @ 6:37.85

The 2018 Ontario Minor Track Association Provincial Cross Country Meet will be hosted by the Meaford Coyotes on Saturday October 27th at the Georgian Bay Community School Athletic Field and Georgian Trail.

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