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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Hanover Hospital To Be Ranked

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

The hospital has volunteered to be evaluated by Accreditation Canada.

Accreditation Canada is going over the Hanover and District Hospital with a fine tooth comb.

Hospital CEO Katrina Wilson says the independent national accreditation body will be rating the hospital on everything from patient care and record keeping to policy and procedures.

The process includes a tour of the Hospital, a review of the books and interviews with staff, patients, hospital board members as well as neighbouring hospital officials.

CEO Katrina Wilson says while the voluntary program does create a lot of work and stress for the Hospital is also offers some distinct advantages.

She says accreditation keeps the hospital moving forward in a progressive manner, keeping up with state of the art standards.

The recommendations and suggestions coming out of the report also provide the Hospital with valuable insight on how it can improve itself.

The overall findings also serve as a measuring stick enabling the Hospital to compare itself to other hospitals of similar size.

Hanover has a proven track record of doing quite well, during the last accreditation process Hanover received exemplary status.

Some may says that the Hanover and District Hospital has the home field advantage as Wilson is a certified hospital surveyor.

She has also had some international experience when in 2013 Wilson traveled to Kuwait to conduct a mock accreditation on a private hospital on behalf of Accreditation Canada.

Every four years the Hanover and District Hospital undergoes the accreditation process.

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