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Monday, March 6, 2017

CWOSSA Hockey Sked

Owen Sound | by Bayshore News Staff  

" A-AA " Girls & Boys Tournaments Set for Today & Tuesday


CWOSSA " A-AA " Girls Hockey Tournament

at the Julie McArthur Regional Rec Centre & Harry Lumley-Bayshore Community Centre

Pool  A                                                                                                       

Kincardine District Knights                                                                   
Paris District                                                                     
Norwell District                                                                     

Pool B              

St. David   
Bishop MacDonnel
Simcoe Composite     


Monday March 6

@ Harry Lumley Bayshore Community Centre

8:00 am    Kincardine District Knights     vs  Paris District                         
9:30 am    St. David  vs  Bishop MacDonnel                       
11:00 am   Kincardine District Knights     vs  Norwell District    
12:30 pm    St. David  vs  Simcoe Composite

@ Julie McArthur Arena- East and West

3:30 pm    (West)    Paris District      vs Norwell District  
4:00 pm    (East)     Bishop MacDonnel   vs Simcoe Composite  


Tuesday March 7

Semi Finals

Julie McArthur Arena: West

9:00 am                   1st Pool A               v          2nd Pool B     

Julie McArthur Arena: East

9:30 am                    2nd Pool A             v          1st Pool B       

Girls Championship Final

1:30 pm


CWOSSA " A-AA " Boys Hockey Tournament

at the Julie McArthur Regional Rec Centre

Pool  A 

Holy Trinity    
St. David
Grey Highlands Lions
St. James

Pool B

St. Mary's Mustangs
Erin District
Delhi District
 B8.      Paris District


Monday March 6th

@ Julie McArthur Arena:  West

8:00 am                       Holy Trinity   v  St. David         
9:30 am                       St. Mary's Mustangs  v  Erin District      
11:00 am                     Holy Trinity   v  Grey Highlands Lions          
12:30 pm                     St. Mary's Mustangs  v  Delhi District          
2:00 pm                       Holy Trinity   v  St. James
5:00 pm                       St. Mary's Mustangs  v  Paris District        

@ Julie McArthur Arena:  East                
8:30 am                       Grey Highlands Lions  v  St. James       
10:00 am                     Delhi District  v  Paris District                  
11:30 pm                     St. David  v  St. James       
1:00  pm                      Erin District  v  Paris District          
2:30  pm                      St. David  v  Grey Highlands Lions
5:30 pm                       Erin District  v  Delhi District  


Tuesday March 7th

Semi Finals
Julie McArthur Arena: West

10:30 am  1st  Pool A     v     2nd  Pool B    

Julie McArthur Arena: East

11:00 am   2nd  Pool A     v     1st  Pool B      

Boys Championship Final
2:30 pm


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