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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Hockey Results

Regional | by Fred Wallace  

Puffer and Midget Scores


Owen Sound Puffer Hockey

Great Lakes Drywall tied Gary Byers Lighting & Sound 4-4
E-Homes Realty 6 Thom Construction 5
Hobart 's 5 Shorty's 3

Great Lakes Drywall tied Gary Byers Lighting & Sound 4-4

Great Lakes Drywall
Cliff Curtis 2
Bill Loveday 1
Ryan Dickson 1

Gary Byers Lighting and Sound
Jim Winters 2
Gary Byers 1
Bob Stroud 1

E-Homes Realty 6 Thom Construction 5

E-Homes Realty
Ralph Harding 2
James Lorenz 1
Sandy Campbell 1
Derrick Cunningham 1
Pat Haefling 1

Thom Construction
Bruce Rowney 2
Matt Baker 1
DJ Selkirk 1
Rob Campbell 1

Hobart 's 5 Shorty's 3

Kris Publuske 2 (1 empty net)
John Tamming 1
Paul Gallinger 1
Brent England 1

Shorty's Bar and Grill
Matt Rowe 1
Graham Harada 1
Scott Cruickshank 1

Minor Hockey


Bruce Peninsula 4 Chatsworth Moggie Valley Timber Rebels 2

The Chatsworth Midget Local League Rebels were looking forward to thanking their new sponsors, Moggie Valley Timber, in a special way with their first win at home against the Bruce Peninsula Predators #1 team on Tuesday night.  

The Rebels pressured their opponents effectively in first period with brilliant forechecking, backchecking, and goaltending, keeping the division second place Predators to one goal.  Jason Rourke scored a beauty to match the Predators’ lone goal, assisted by Gerett Cottrell and Mason Hanna, and the period ended tied.  

At the other end of the game in the third period, the story was identical.  Josh Fritz scored an unassisted goal, and the two-way play of every player together with some key saves by Rebels’ goalie, Andrew Stockwell, kept the period even with each team scoring once.

Sadly, it was the second period that tipped the scales, resulting in the 4-2 loss to the Predators.  It wasn’t for lack of trying, as the Rebels were puck-hungry and determined to score.  With their game play starting to gel, the Chatsworth Moggie Valley Timber Midget LL Rebels are eagerly anticipating their next game.  

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