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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Soldiers Conduct Navigation Training in Meaford

Owen Sound | by Cody Misner  

Residence of the Irish Lookout area may notice more soldiers in the area and vehicles on public roads

The 4th Canadian Division Training Center in Meaford has advised residents living around the Irish Lookout area that they may notice a heavier than usual amount on soldiers in the area today.

This is part of a training exercise where soldiers will be flexing their navigation skills using maps and compasses. 40 soldiers are set to take part in this training. The base Public Affairs Representative advises that soldiers will be carrying weapons during training however they will not be firing at any time.

It was also advised that residents may see a higher volume of military vehicles using public roads during the duration of the training.

The training center assures that there will be no risk to soldiers or the public as a result of this training.


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