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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Premier Doug Ford Touts Upcoming Budget In Mildmay

Mildmay | by John Divinski  

Ford touts upcoming provincial budget, which he hopes to balance in the years ahead.

The Premier didn't have a lot new to say but told the supportive crowd, his government has followed through on many of its election campaign promises and will continue to do so.

Ford says next month (April 11th) the Progressive Conservative government will bring down its budget and it will be a responsible one.

He says the goal down the road is a balanced budget but they're not going to slash and cut away but they will work with the people in mind, to attain that balanced budget in the years ahead.

Premier Ford pointed out they were stuck with a 15-billion-dollar deficit when they went into office and they've got that down to 13.5-billion.

And we've all done it at one time or another.

The Premier inadvertently left his cell phone on as he was addressing the crowd.

He apologized for the interruption and in a lighter moment said it was Prime Minister Trudeau calling and he'd call him back later.

Although the Premier doesn't do scrums as a rule, Bayshore Broadcasting News approached him to find out how it felt to be back in Mildmay after 11 months.

Ford says he loves Mildmay because it's made up of down-to-earth hard-working people who really are the backbone of Ontario.

The Spaghetti Dinner with Premier Ford was put on by the Huron Bruce PC Riding Association.

Its President, Pat Jilesen says he was glad to hear Premier Ford reiterate his "commitment to fiscal balance."

Jilesen says it's imperative that the province get its books in order.

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