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Curling Preview 12/7/2011
Chesley-Tara Insurance League & School Girl-School Girls Curling
Bibles Debate on Hold 12/7/2011
Sub Committee will look at issue of allowing bibles in Bluewater public schools. this story contains audio!
Bayshore Broadcasting Afternoon Sports 12/7/2011
Dec 7, 2011 this story contains audio!
Minor Hockey Results 11/28/2011
Bluewater Girls Hockey Schedule 11/25/2011
Here is the schedule for the Bluewater High School Girls Hockey Season.
Lady Raiders & Lady Knights Win 11/23/2011
Bluewater Girls Hockey
Facilities Close in Grey Highlands 11/21/2011
Fire concerns lead to three facility closings, some may never re-open. this story contains audio!
New Cenotaph in Markdale 11/11/2011
Residents of Markdale will mark Remembrance Day at a brand new cenotaph. this story contains audio!
Words Aloud Festival 10/30/2011
International Festival of Authors in Owen Sound as part of Words Aloud 8. this story contains audio!
Bayshore Broadcasting Morning Sports 10/25/2011
Oct 25, 2011 this story contains audio!
Bayshore Broadcasting Afternoon Sports 10/24/2011
Oct 24, 2011 this story contains audio!
Minor Hockey Scoreboard 10/24/2011
Bayshore Broadcasting Morning Sports 10/18/2011
Oct 18, 2011 this story contains audio!
Falcons Score Victories 10/18/2011
Bluewater North Volleyball Standings
Bayshore Broadcasting Afternoon Sports 10/17/2011
Oct 17, 2011 this story contains audio!
Keeping OSGCC Open 10/4/2011
Kinsale Investments plans to keep golf club 'as is' pending purchase approval. this story contains audio!
Bayshore Broadcasting Afternoon Sports 09/29/2011
Sept 29, 2011 this story contains audio!
Highlanders Split 09/28/2011
" AAA " Minor Bantam
Bayshore Broadcasting Morning Sports 09/27/2011
Sept 27, 2011 this story contains audio!
Royals Fundraiser Success 09/27/2011
Golf Tournament Result from Chippewa
Bayshore Broadcasting Afternoon Sports 09/26/2011
Sept 26, 2011 this story contains audio!
Schooners & Knights Win Titles 09/26/2011
Highland Hillsview Fastball League
Minor Hockey Results 09/26/2011
Bracebridge Bears & Aurora Tigers Win Attack Tournaments this story contains audio!
Lady Falcons Split 09/26/2011
Girls Basketball Exhibition
Advance Polls - Bruce Grey Owen Sound 09/21/2011
Here are the advance poll locations for the riding of Bruce Grey Owen Sound.
Schooner Grab Lead 09/15/2011
Highland Hillsview Fastball League Final
Bayshore Broadcasting Morning Sports 09/15/2011
Sept 15, 2011 this story contains audio!
Bayshore Broadcasting Morning Sports 09/13/2011
Sept 13, 2011 this story contains audio!
Highland Hillsview Fastball Update 09/13/2011
Raiders & Schooners Meet In Final
Highland Hillsview Fastball Playoffs 09/6/2011
Bus Rider Program for Kids 08/27/2011
It's a chance for first time riders to get acquainted with buses and safety procedures.
Positive Reaction to Library 08/21/2011
Many residents in Grey Highlands like the new 1.2 million dollar library in Flesherton. this story contains audio!
Bears Upend Schooners 08/17/2011
Highland Hillsview Fastball League Playoffs
Bruce Peninsula Multisport Race 08/15/2011
Divisional Results
Ponds Not Safe to Swim 08/12/2011
Rotary Park Pond and Flesherton pond posted as unsafe for swimming.
Ruhl Wins Handicapping Contest 08/11/2011
Hanover Raceway Results
Highland Hillsview Fastball League 08/9/2011
Weekly Recap
Deadly Long Weekend 08/3/2011
OPP reports eight people died on roads, trails and waterways this holiday weekend.
Highland Hillsview Fastball League Results 08/2/2011
Two Men Die in Flesherton Crash 07/29/2011
OPP say two local men died in a head-on crash on Grey Road 4.
Dead Couple Identified 07/28/2011
Grey County OPP release names of victims who died from single gunshot.
Hanover Raceway Results 07/28/2011
Dream of Glory This Saturday
Two Dead near Flesherton 07/26/2011
OPP say an elderly couple was found dead, no names have been released. this story contains audio!
Highland Hillsview Fastball Results 07/26/2011
Scores & Standings
Listeria in Cheese Curds 07/25/2011
Canadian Food Inspection Agency issues warning about Cheese Curds sold locally. this story contains audio!
Fast Times @ Hanover 07/21/2011
Ruhl Leads Handicap Contest
Highland Hillsview Fastball 07/18/2011
Shelburne & Flesherton
Highland Hillsview Fastball League Results 07/8/2011
Hanover Raceway Results 07/7/2011
Wednesday Times & Payouts
Hanover Raceway Results 06/30/2011
Finishes, Times & Payouts

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