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Living Wage Raised in Grey Bruce 
Posted (2017-07-21)

United Way calculates living wage should be $22.00/hour.  Comments?   See article below:


Peter Reesor


OwenSound & District Chamber of Commerce

I do not find this whole line of living wage analysis  and profile to be very helpful from a wage determination perspective. In fact I think that calling $22 an hour a living "wage" is misleading . It's better labelled a living "need" which needs in part to be met by a fair labour market but also by other social safety net systems like progressive income taxes and welfare among others.

It's arbitrary for Francesca to pick a single mother and two kids. What if it's a single father and six kids? Should the living wage then be $40 per hour?

What if you are a single young person living with other singles and your so called living wage is $10? Is that what Francesca thinks he/ she should be paid? I bet not.

What would be informative is the actual profile of low wage workers in the OS community. How many single mothers with 2 children are there? How representative is it? Should we have a whole bunch of living wages depending on your marital status and fecundity? Last time I checked the Trudeau government is quite generous in subsidizing single families with kids.

To repeat, this is not a labour market issue other than that the single mother deserves to be paid fairly as determined by competitive, economic factors.


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