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An American Coup 
Posted (2017-06-11)

Back in 2012 I wrote an article chronicling plans by America’s corporate elites to launch an armed coup against the New Deal government of FDR. That enterprise failed but was resurrected a generation later by the infamous ‘Powell memo’ which eventually insinuated corporate-think into government’s deliberations and legislation.  It’s an interesting story, especially the part that General Butler played in thwarting the armed coup:

But, according to Naomi Klein in the guardian yesterday, the corporate coup is all but complete. The chaos that is the Trump administration is a perfect cover for the Shock Doctrine. Distractions like James Comey, the backroom antics of Donald’s kids, the hirings and firings of the heads of this or that, talk of impeachment – they all divert attention from the blitzkrieg of executive orders and draft legislation that are having the cumulative effect of neutering government and turning public assets (like the environment) over to private interests.

In other words, the coup d’etat begun in 1993 is nearly fait accompli:


David McLaren
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